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Escort WordPress theme to build your own escort directory in minutes

This theme will help you build your own escort directory in minutes.
Once you install it it’s ready to go.
No need for configurations, no need for 10 extra plugins, just the theme.
We built this theme based on client feedback and we’ll continue to update the theme and make it even better.

3 user types: Agencies, Independent Escorts & Members

Once you install the theme your visitors will be able to register on your site.
Depending on what they want to do on the site they will be able to register as either an agency, an independent escort or a normal member. All user types have different capabilities as described bellow.
All users register and edit their information from the front-end. At no time are they allowed to go in the WordPress dashboard so they will not even know you are using it.

Payment options

PayPal and Payza(ex: AlertPay) Integration + Manual payment mode
You can choose from a wide selection of payment options. You can set a price for the premium status of an escort, the featured status, agency registration, escort registration, escort added by agency and VIP status for members.
You can choose if the payment is recurring or not and the period for the subscription.

The theme also provides a manual payment option.
You can write your bank account information for payments, Western Union, Moneybookers or any other payment processor you want.
Whatever you write as the payment instructions will be displayed instead of the payment buttons.
Your users will see the instructions and will need to follow them in order to buy anything on your website.
You can even paste your own “buy now” button code for each of the payment options.

Moderation options

You can choose to put all escort and agency registrations in moderation. The profiles will only become public after an admin activates them. You can also choose to have them become public immediately. Setting a price for the registration will only activate the profiles after payment.

Independent escorts

Escorts will be able to register on your website and add their full details.
All escorts will have a profile page where they can add images, a description and a lot more details about themselves, their rates or services.
All the information they add is completely editable by the escorts directly from the front-end of the site.


All agencies can add more than one escort profile. They have the same capabilities as the escorts just that they will be able to edit all the escorts they have added.


Members are the ones who can add reviews to escorts or add reviews to agencies.
They can also add escorts to their favorites and view the list in their account.

Super admin

The website admin can edit every escort right from the profile page.
The admin can add/delete images, add tours or delete escorts.

All the features you would expect to have

– Email verification for the signups
– Escort slideshow in the header
– Predefined country list in the sidebar
– Profile image management
– Page to hide or show sections of the site
– Show/hide registration fields and choose which are mandatory
– 100% image(verification) uploading
– Profile pages for the escorts
– Complete editing of profiles
– Premium status
– Verified Status
– Escort tours
– Job postings
– Reviews and star rating system for escorts and agencies
– Blacklist for clients and escorts
– Advanced search page
– Widgetized header, sidebars and footer.
– Ad space in the header, sidebars and footer.
– Contact forms on all escort profiles and agency pages
– Website contact form
– RSS with all the escorts
– Social links in the header
– Website logo upload
… many more

Admin menus and admin pages preview

Email settings page
Payment settings page
Show hide registration fields settings page
Show hide site sections page
Site settings page
escort wordpress theme admin menu


We have included a detailed documentation file along with the theme. You will learn what all the settings pages are used for and how the theme works.

Features added in v1.4

– all users need to validate their email address before they can use the site
– new admin settings page where admins can choose what form fields the escort registration page will have. Admins can also choose what fields are mandatory or which fields should appear in the search page.
– new admin settings page to hide certain sections of the theme
– Added a manual payment option. Admin can add a bank account or any other form of payment and can even add his own payment button code for each type of payment. That way the admin can use any payment gateway he wants.
– added registration fee for agency and subscription options
– added registration fee for escort added by an agency and subscription options also
– added registration fee for independent escort registration and subscription options also
– added VIP membership for normal members. With VIP membership they can see the escort’s photos and contact information
– subscriptions for the premium status, featured status and VIP status
– the admin can choose if the new profiles for registered escorts or agencies show-up on the site automatically or if the profiles need to be activated by the admin manually. The escorts or agencies can still edit their profiles in the meantime. The sidebar for the pending profiles will have a new button visible only to admins from where they can activate the profiles
– show a language dropdown in the header so users can change the site’s language
– send notification emails 2 days before a payed option is about to expire to remind the user to renew. Email notifications are active for premium/featured/vip status and registration payments for agencies or escorts
– delete premium/featured/vip status from profiles if they expire
– delete agency/escort profile if registration date expired
– send notification emails if a purchased option has expired and has been removed from the profile or the profile has been removed
– expiration emails and profile deletion only works for payment options without recurring payments. for those accounts the profile payment options only expire if the user cancels the subscription.
– Changed AlertPay to Payza
– Added PayPal payment gateway
– changed all the escort categories(wrong way) to the custom post type taxonomies(correct way)
– when escorts register, check if they are over 18 years old based on the birthday provided
– when clicking the edit tour icon from the escort profile show an ajax loading gif until the tour information loads
– Added language files(machine translation) for the following languages: dutch, french, german, greek, italian, portuguese, russian, spanish

This article has 14 comments

  • Ben October 29th, 2011 at 17:04 #

    I like your Escort Directory Theme! I only have one question. How customisable is the Pay Integration Option? Would it allow for a monthly subscription option?

    Thanks for your info,

    • Chef Gaby October 29th, 2011 at 17:08 #

      Hi Ben. At the moment there isn’t a monthly subscription package included in the theme but since this feature has been requested multiple times, it will certainly be included in a future version.

  • Yasmin November 29th, 2011 at 03:05 #

    [the email validation feature has been integrated in version 1.4 and all other problems have been fixed]

    I have purchased the dolce pixel escort directory theme and have been using it for a few months now so I feel I can finally leave a detailed review.

    *********The Good:

    *The dolcepixel escort directory theme is a great and unique escort directory theme. I searched around for quite some time to find one and the layout and features of this theme were by far the best.

    *I always get people telling me how easy and straightforward the site is to use. I have never had a problem with anyone navigating and signing up for the site.

    *Customer service is very good at dolcepixel. My emails were usually answered very promptly and they were able to make modifications to the theme at a very reasonable fee.

    *The header slider is awesome. Something I haven’t seen in any other escort directory wordpress theme I have seen.

    *********The Bad:
    [fixed in v1.4]
    *There is a small glitch with the header slider. Sometimes it does not load all the way and cuts off. I have seen this in the demo as well. It usually loads correctly with a refresh and doesn’t seem to happen on every browser, but it is a little annoying and customers could potentially look over the header models if they do not refresh.

    Unless you are php savvy, this theme is NOT easily customizable. There are only a handful of features editable through the “site settings” including uploading a logo and changing the number of escorts on the homepage. So if there is a lot of things you want to change and you don’t think you can do them yourself or you don’t want to spend the money having DolcePixel modify it for you, then this theme may not be for you. I have also been unable to add a favicon for my site. There is no options in the site settings and code added to the header php did not work for me.

    Now, at this point with all i have just said, Dolcepixel escort theme would still be a 5 star theme for me. However, it is the “ugly” things alone that would leave to subtract stars from the rating.

    The Ugly***********
    [fixed in v1.4]
    *There is NO EMAIL CONFIRMATION with sign up. For me, that is a big problem. This seems like very basic requirement that i think any site with signup should have. There is no adequate way to confirm emails unless you personally send confirmation letters to everyone who signs up and personally delete them if they don’t respond. This could be extremely time consuming and a big mess. This also effects the credibility of your site and it’s ratings reviews. It is that much easier to create a membership profile with a fake email and rate your own escorts 5 stars. It is also very common for escorts to sign up with fake emails if there is no confirmation required because they wish to protect their anonymity. However contacts made through the page are sent to email, so I fear a lot of people aren’t even getting use out of the site. Dolcepixel says this could possibly be a new feature in a future release.

    [fixed in v1.4]
    *No way to add SITE TRACKING! Another huge problem for me and anyone who needs to provide this information to advertisers. I have tried jetpack, google analytics and a couple other site tracking plugins. This causes the site serious errors (like inability to upload pics or things screwy on the homepage) which makes it unusable. Since plugins don’t work, there should be a way to place the code in the site settings that will apply the tracking code to all the pages. Dolcepixel still hasn’t really gotten back to me on this one.

    If those 2 things above were fixed, I would give this theme a 5/5. So if those things aren’t important to you, than i would definitely go with this theme.

    As of now, I rate it 3/5. Hope this helps some one in deciding if you should buy or not.

  • Chef Gaby February 13th, 2012 at 17:24 #

    Thank you for the review Yasmin.
    We are working on the next version and we’ll fix all the problems you mentioned.

  • Jay Brosnan March 3rd, 2012 at 08:23 #

    Even if it seems to miss some things, in my case can only say that is EXACTLY what I was looking for a long time. I will buy this theme soon.

    Congratulations for this wonderful theme!

    Ps: Comments by Yasmin helped me much to decide.

    All the best


  • sam April 1st, 2012 at 01:21 #

    hi everyone, few weeks ago i bought escort themes from here, here is my review…

    first of all the thing i liked is communication, these guys are always stand for help, very polite and well manner communication.

    i loved this theme so much, as i was looking for escort theme nearly year, and after that i found this site via Google. as i can say you cant get any escort theme with rich features plus more features coming in next version in just start $120 to under $200.this theme is awesome and easy to use, , well i didn’t get any issue with this theme yet. congratulation to these guys to this amazing theme with such a low price , i am sure everybody can afford this theme very easily.

    [fixed in v1.4-added option to hide blacklists]
    there is only 1 thing in theme which mostly ladies and men told me, that is blacklisted Escorts. as this is not good idea. blacklisted clients is allright, but please replace blacklisted escort with one of my suggest…..

    i sent few suggestions to ChefGaby for next version, hopefully he will review my suggestion and add more features in next version.

  • Chef Gaby June 24th, 2012 at 05:43 #

    The new version is out.
    Lots of new features for the admins and a lot of bug fixes.

    Email confirmation has been integrated. I know a lot of you asked for this.

  • Sean March 27th, 2013 at 03:40 #

    1st…. let me thank you for your prompt response(s).
    Thank you, Gaby! You’re awesome!!
    I love how you guys made it so easy to navigate and change things.
    Love it so far. :-)
    The merchants: finding one for an escort directory is a pain in the you know what.
    I also wish that the Logo was more workable (i.e. when I use a big logo it looks like crap in the log-in page, all cut off).
    And…I wish that we could add other services (i.e. masseuses, etc…) to the list.
    I’m still really happy with this….it’s amazing

  • Ricky May 9th, 2013 at 06:48 #

    You know what!!! I only have good things to say about this template! Its more than likely the best thing I’ve spent my money on this year! And you get soooo much website for your money!! I almost feel like its too cheap and will flood the market!!

    Could you please add a section to the site where registered user who has incorrectly entered an email address can update the email address if needed… This registration is lengthy and someone who incorrectly entered an email address will not be able to very their account or even update their email address?

    Or am I missing something here? I probably am!

    Awesome work Gaby!.. Even if you are a bit grumpy you’re amazing at what you do! Keep it up! lol

    Best regards


  • Dyords May 27th, 2013 at 15:33 #

    Thanks for this wonderful theme. It really helped me and my friend build a great site. It is very easy to customize and and support is very great.

    Thanks for everything.

  • Sam Athrey August 24th, 2013 at 20:05 #

    I must really thank Dolce pixel for this wonderful theme.This really turned out to be an ice breaking design. This was doing well with my overall site layout and colour. A million thanks for your efforts!

  • Gery September 26th, 2013 at 13:26 #

    Hi Gaby,
    Very good Escort Directory, I am very happy with it. It is easily adaptable to my needs.
    Support excellent.

  • Curtis April 19th, 2014 at 22:00 #

    What can I say? This theme is stellar. It’s obvious how much work was put into it, especially once you start playing around in it. I searched the internet far & wide and don’t regret this purchase one bit. I purchased the Gold package bc I feel like it looks a bit more posh without the Footer. A lot of escort sites look like they were built in the 90s and never updated, and I have had several escorts inform me that they think the site looks really good, which is nice to hear from people who look at several of these sites on a daily basis. Any questions and help that I have had regarding the site have been swiftly responded to by Chef Gaby. He also seems very open to suggestions for future theme updates.

    I’ve been surprised about how many features are present that I didn’t expect to be there. If I had a suggestion, it would just be that a few things were more customizable for people who don’t have knowledge of CSS. I feel bad when I have to contact him to figure out how to change something, but like I said he’s always responded politely. Thanks for such a great theme Chef Gaby!

  • Nicola October 3rd, 2014 at 11:28 #

    Excellent theme and fantastic support received from Chef Gaby. I would recommend buying from Dolcepixel as you will get all the help you need which even includes integrating functions that are not present already. Keep up the good work! and thank you.