Best WordPress Plugins to Integrate Instagram into Your Blog

01 June 2017 by QURBAN SHAH

Instagram has gained popularity very rapidly and is now considered as one of the best social media platforms, after Facebook. Everybody in the world is on Instagram, I mean not absolutely but most definitely, some celebrities who are not available on Facebook are available on Instagram. Instagram’s concept is simple, but there are a number of successful online businesses that are using Instagram as the main platform for selling their products.

Since Instagram has taken the world by storm, it has become absolute to have an Instagram plugin for WordPress. Your WordPress blog requires Instagram plugins for the fast loading of images, better and smart references and so much more. Not just that you need it for pictures, your Instagram traffic can do wonders for your business, and flaunting it on your blog will just ensure your credibility.

In order for Instagram pictures to work super efficiently for your blog, you need a WordPress plugin for Instagram. Now, there are some plugins, but you need the exact right one to fulfill your requirements accordingly.

Find the Plugin that suits your needs

The plugin you choose for Instagram is crucial because of the recent popularity Instagram has gained. You should always look for the plugin that suits your requirements in the best possible way. However, you just have to be more careful when it comes to Instagram because of such huge audience. Your plugin should work according to your requirements, so you have to give a lot of thought to that. For instance, if you require your latest pictures in just the sidebar, then find the plugin which is best known for this functionality. If you just randomly get plugin without knowing what you exactly want, you are just going to go back and forth from plugins.

You might need a plugin which is best known for using Instagram API (which most plugins do) make sure to go through the terms and conditions of Instagram API usage because you always want to know stuff like how many photos can be displayed per page. You should also be familiar with the privacy code and how you can use photos from other accounts etc.

Since there are so many plugins, you sometimes get confused about choosing the best one. So, we have assorted the best plugins for your blog with proper integration guide.

Let’s go through one by one.

1. Simple Instagram

It is one of the best plugins for Instagram when you have to integrate Instagram feed on your WordPress website. It has great features and lets you display your information, pictures, videos and most famous posts from Instagram. It has both shortcodes which you can use within your posts as well as widgets on the sidebar. This plugin is best for increasing engagement on Instagram and your website as well.
simple instagram


2. InstaLink

instalink wp preview

It is the most well-known widget for Instagram. It provides multiple ways to show your Instagram photos on your blog. There are three main ways to display your photos:
● Username
● Hashtag
● Username filtered by Hashtag

You can present your Instagram posts with the most responsive photo gallery via this widget.

Setup InstaLink

InstaLink can be set up in three ways which are very easy:

● WordPress Shortcode
● Visual composer element
● WordPress widget

You can just as easily customize this Instagram feed plugin. The customization includes changing the size, colors, backgrounds and headings as well as the text.

The pictures generated with this plugin are fully ready to have a look at, and they are responsive as well. You can display unlimited pictures and they will never fail to load with the scroll.


3. InstaNOW


InstaNow is your perfect choice if you are into customization because it lets you share the Instagram feed just the way you want it to. You have a number of choices for fully customizing each item in Instagram display feed. It comes with the most advanced plugin features and provides an unbelievable degree of customization to give the crisp and clear Instagram feed on your WordPress website.

You can choose three different options to display your Instagram feed on WordPress blog. The customization is mainly on the basis of skin. The micro level customization on this plugin comes in handy when you have to customize your account information board, shapes, profile icons and much more.

There are multiple media layout choices too. For instance, you can choose between the Grid and Slider layout.


4. Instagram Feed

Introducing ‘Instagram Feed’, one of the renowned plugins, which is hard to ignore. You’d be surprised to know that this one is the most used plugin in the WordPress plugin store. There are very attractive features which became the reason for the popularity of this plugin.

The main features of this plugin are:
● Mobile ready
● Full customization
● Shortcode option
● Follow button for Instagram
These features are admired all over the globe for their usage and benefits. You can set it up easily and use it in your WordPress blog to ensure that your Instagram feed is fully live on your blog.
Instagram feed


5. Instagram Portfolio

Instagram WordPress plugin

It is a very highly functional Instagram plugin for WordPress because it has the ability to help you generate a marvelous looking and fully customized Instagram gallery which is only a dream now. You won’t believe that it comes with about 10+ special effects that are just going to blow the minds of viewers on your blog. It will definitely keep the traffic on your site by keeping the viewers engaged in a mesmerizing photo gallery.
You can get the help of videos as well as it supports the videos too, you can just show them with your pictures and that too with full customization of headers and other important elements. The images can be opened in a great lightbox and the plugin is highly responsive which makes it easier for your website to display properly on all devices.
Instagram portfolio


6. InstaShow

This widget plugin for Instagram is surely going to help you in generating the most amazing galleries with Instagram Images. You can fully trust this plugin to be responsive and ready to put on a show anytime. This plugin will make all your photos look great on every device.
This widget has more than 50 flexible parameters that are helpful in creating the perfect picture section as well as ten highly wonderful color schemes. This widget offers you total control over the pictures you want to display. You can even use pictures with hashtags like @usernames along with URL. The size of pictures can also be maintained according to your requirements.


7. Instagram Theatre

The Instagram platform can be best used with this plugin and it’s definitely worth considering. It has been specially designed to fetch pictures from your Instagram profile and show them on your website. You can choose to display your pictures in multiple layouts which include grid, list and even full screen layout.
This plugin is very responsive and you will be definitely surprised at the way it fits in all the screens of all kinds and various sizes. You can do great things with this plugin and show off your photos in various ways with special effects and mind-blowing animations.
Instagram Theatre


8. Instagram Slider Widget

The slider Instagram widget is exactly what you need when it comes to responsiveness, you will just love this widget as it displays the latest Instagram posts which can be up to 20 in various layouts (grid, slider). You don’t even need to set up API access in order to use this widget because it just requires your Instagram username for displaying your latest Instagram posts.
You can set it up to crawl your Instagram account and it will refresh the pictures after the set time limit. The thumbnails of your Instagram pictures are stored locally so all the posts are cached and they take no time to load up again. It is a rather simple and easy plugin to configure.
Instagram slider widget