5 WordPress Plugins to Simplify A/B Testing

01 April 2016 by LUCY

Whether your WordPress website is a blog, an eCommerce store, a business portal or a one page minisite, and you have the website live and running, you want visitors.
And you want those visitors to convert.

Now, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and better UX in general rely on research and testing to achieve desired results: Higher Click-Through Rates, better engagement, more forms-filled and leads-generated, and whatever else your purpose is from a page/blog/site. In fact, testing is a never-ending ‘war’ where you win with advancement and lose when you halt.

In order to make testing easier, here’s a list of the best free and premium A/B split test (‘subject A’ against ‘subject B’: whoever wins gets to stay) tools for WordPress websites.


1. Title Experiments

Title Experiments Free
– Free if you want the feature-crippled version
– Pro version available at $29.99/year

It does exactly what it says on the tin. Titles/Headlines are the first thing people see when they read about your posts (excerpts on index) or when they land on them.

Title Experiments is super-simple to use with its conversational, jargon-free tone; something which will endear it to novice bloggers immediately.

The pro version also lets you test featured images and detailed stats.

For those who are just starting out with content creation/blogging/marketing, this plugin is perfect.


2. Optimizely

optimizely test, personalize, and optimize
– Free Starter plan
– Customizable Enterprise plan at $17-359/month on inquiry
Note: Both versions require you to register at

“Now we’re talking!” (said every pro reading this right now)

Optimizely is very popular and for pro UX people, it needs no introduction. For the rest of readers, Optimizely is a comprehensive platform that lets you “test, personalize, and optimize web and mobile apps.”.

The testing features are phenomenal with A/B, multivariate, and multi-page testing with instant roll-outs and a sophisticated stats engine to gather insight from. There’s selective targeting, heatmaps and 3rd party analytics integration, and the stunningly flexible API (available only with premium plans) that your developers can use to push your site’s limits further.

The entire suite of services is a bit much for a beginner, but the free Starter plan does give you access to the Knowledge base and the Academy. Once you manage to learn it, it’s the best thing ever.


3. Nelio A/B Testing

Nelio AB Testing
– Free trial version
– Subscription starting at $29-259/month depending on plans

WordPress eCommerce stores will love this.

Nelio A/B testing is just as (if not more) feature-packed as Optimizely. It has a great, user-friendly interface for creating and managing experiments on titles, pages and posts (including custom post types), menu, widgets, themes and CSS, and WooCommerce products. You get heatmaps and clickmaps to help you find out the most valuable real estate, along with problem areas of your pages/website.

It takes care not to add excessive, unnecessary bloat to your pages with caching support and optional site-wide consistency (loads only on pages running the experiments).

It’s a beauty with brains.


4. AB Press Optimizer

AB Press Optimizer
– $49-199 for 1-year license key, depending on plan

This one doesn’t beat around the bush.

AB Press Optimizer lets you thoroughly test interface elements and content/images/pages/posts with multiple… scratch that, unlimited variations. You get easily-digestible stats in the form of visitor and conversion demographics.

It’ll also export your stats and experiment reports to MS Excel because it likes making things easy and it’s a nice guy like that.

It’s a perfect tool for beginners as well adept-to-master level A/B testers.


5. Single Page Tester

single page tester
– Free feature-crippled version
– Premium plans at $59 or $149 1-year license key, depending on plan

I know it sounds homely, but don’t be fooled by the name.

This plugin is simple to setup, easy to use, and comes packing features like Variable Traffic control, flawless integration with Google Analytics and WooCommerce, JavaScript and PHP tags/snippets for tracking, simple graphs, and so much more.

It takes the best of all the plugins/tools listed above and distills it until only the absolutely necessary remains. No frilly embellishments on Single Page Tester at all.


Some More Helpful Tools

  • Cohorts.js is a beautifully crafted JavaScript framework for multivariate testing.
  • Google Content Experiments is an old, trusty plugin which is currently gathering dust. It still works and 9/10 times it won’t cause conflicts.
  • WordPress mailing list tools like SumoME List Builder, OptimizePress, etc. come with their own split testing tools to let you test different newsletters/mails for CTR and more.
  • You can run extremely detailed content experiments via Google Universal Analytics if you have it properly implemented on your website. Here’s a step-by-step guide that shows you how to set-up Google Analytics on WP.



Test and improve.

And if I missed out on other, better tools/services for A/B testing on WordPress, share it in the comments below and let me know.