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February 2016 by CHEF GABY

Do you want to write for us?

We’re open for collaborations with guest bloggers in the following areas:
– WordPress
– Social Media
– Online Marketing
– PHP, CSS, jQuery etc.
– mobile development
– design
– etc. (basically any web, social or tech field)

Article rules:

#1 We only accept unique, non-spinned, articles with useful information, that provide real value to the reader.
We’ll check your article with Google and other sources and we’ll remove the article from our blog if it’s not unique.

#2 Your articles should be interactive.
Our readers like to see images, video or other resources in the article.
Make your article stand out over a boring, all text, article.
Don’t be afraid to separate your text in paragraphs for better readability.
Use headlines, list, quotes or anything else that will spice up your article.

#3 We’ll review your articles and check them for:
– spam: no spam posts or links to spam websites
– text depth/comprehensiveness: articles need to be well written and adequately detailed

#4 Don’t write for us just for the backlinks. All links will be nofollow anyway.
We want to take care of the integrity and SEO of this blog so we can’t accept linked keyword filled articles.

#4 We get full rights of the articles
You’ll always be credited for the article and we’ll never say that it was written by us.
Once you send the article, and we post it on our blog, we get full rights for the content of that article.
This is only so we make sure you don’t post the article somewhere else.

#5 Author bio backlinks
We only allow a single backlink to your blog or site and that needs to be in your author bio, at the end of the article.
Your social media websites do not count so you can include all your personal social media networks.

The article can contain any number of links, as long as they are used only for the purpose of references or resources. No keyword spam.

Still want to write for us?
Use our contact form and let’s chat.